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Our Value

Our main aim is to provide value to our guests and are surely one of the best value resorts in Karnataka.

Multiple activities included
Expert supervision
Best Rate Guarantee
Longest/Highest zipline

Jungle Trailz

Who we are

We are a set of fun-loving and adventure seeking individuals, who decided to come together and form this amazing destination for you to make the best of your free time. Jungle Trailz is an activity based resort.

Here, at Jungle Trailz we believe in the bliss one can achieve by being closer to nature. Every element at our resort is designed to help you get there!

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What we are passionate about

Any resorts you go to, you already have a set of expectations. We intend to exceed those and give you experiences like no other!


Our vision is to make adventure more accessible to the urban population.


Our staff always go an extra mile to provide value to our guests.


Safety First. All the adventure activities are always carried out under the supervision of an expert.

Exceed Expectations

Meeting expectations and exceeding them time after time is our goal!


Come. Spend a Night In Nature

Normal room accommodations are a thing of the past. At Jungle Trailz, we make your stay a part of the adventure as well! We have Woodhouses and Dome Tents for you to stay at.

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Activities Across the properties


When we decided to expand, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to one location as we wanted our guests to experience the aesthetics of different places. Choose the location that best suits your interest and enjoy!


Experience the longest and highest zipline in Bangalore! Located just 30km away from Bangalore off Kanakpura road, spread across 12acres.


We are merely 17km away from Chikmagalur town. Rediscover your wildside at western ghats and feel the cool breeze of Malnad.


Situated at Nugu Dam backwaters, it is best if you love wildlife. There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of birds chirping.


We are at a distance of just 30minutes from Kabini Safari point and located at the Nugu backwaters.

Professional Staff

Customer experience is everything for us!

Staff at Jungle Trailz are very professional and service oriented. We focus on delivering the best experience to our guests by catering to their every need and making the stay convenient.

Our staff are well trained over the years and are experts in their area.

Our Value

We deliver Value

Our main aim is to provide value to our guests and are surely one of the best value resorts in Karnataka.

Multiple activities included
Best Rate Guarantee
Longest/Highest zipline
Expert supervision

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